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Canon – Selphy CP910

If you are looking for a wireless photo printer then this maybe the one for you.

The printer itself is not to big and not to small. Measuring at 178 x 127 x 60.5mm, you can easily carry it around if needed.

The print quality will leave you pleasantly surprised. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. The printed photo pretty much resembled the photo on my phone. So I was definitely impressed.

The inbuilt wireless feature is definitely a win win. You just select your photo and then send it to print. The whole process from sending it to print to it actually getting printed takes less than a minute.

The printer does come with a SD card slot which give you the option to print from the memory card. You select your pictures using the display and the arrows found on the printer.

In terms of printing, you have the option to print the photos on postcard size photo paper or credit card size.

Tip: On how to get more for your postcard size paper.
I tend to use the pic stitch app and create a collage (but you can use any app that pleases you). This way I can print more pictures without using more photo paper than needed. But do make sure that you set the aspect to 4×6 (which is the size of the postcard photo paper)

Warning: if you think that you can reuse a sheet of photo paper then think again.
I made that mistake and ended up jamming the printer. I had great difficulty in removing the cartridge. In fact, I thought that was the end of my printer.
The reasoning for this I believe is down to the printing process. During the printing process the printer goes through four stages. First it prints in yellow, then it applies the red ink on top, before applying the blue ink and finishing it off with a protective coating. If you try to reuse the paper, the ink sticks to the reused photo paper which is down to the protective coating, resulting in a jam. You have been warned.

Selphy CP910 or CP1200?

At the time of purchase I did contemplate on getting the newer model (CP1200) but after research and comparing the two prices, I decided on the selphy CP910. The reasoning behind this was straight forward. I like the look of the CP910 over the CP1200. The new changes found on the CP1200 was not enough to persuade me to go for it.

If you are a consumer like myself and wish to purchase a photo printer then I would highly recommend this one. It is easy to use, quick to print and most importantly the photo quality is impressive.

Happy printing! 🙂






Nixon. The Kensington Leather Watch – Gold

The Nixon, Kensington leather watch is a beauty to wear. The fact that the watch is light weight makes it feel like you have nothing on. It can be comparable to the Daniel Wellington Sheffield watch in terms of weight. The leather strap is slightly more softer in my opinion than the Daniel Wellington leather strap.

Gold dial, black leather is a perfect accessory to a dull outfit. Definitely worth considering.


  • Looks beautiful on the wrist
  • Lightweight
  • Elegant
  • Can be dressed up and dress down


  • None as of yet

You can get the Nixon, Kensington watch by clicking on here. They also have other design so do go and check it. Happy watch shopping.

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