On Saturday 11 February 2017, I went to the Picture house cinema in Piccadilly, London to watch 50 Shades Darker. Now don’t judge me lol…

This was exactly what the doctor ordered. It reminded me of what it feels to be loved. Throughout the movie I felt so empowered. I felt warmth and happy smiles across my heart. I felt excited and looked forward to what the future has planned for me in the love department.

It wasn’t until the scene where Christian and Ana was on a Yacht and they set of sailing and the song ‘I don’t wanna live forever’ came on that I felt free. I felt so light. I genuinely felt so happy. I can finally breathe. I really did not want that scene to end.

I hope I continue to feel happy and free off any worries. To find a guy who will embrace me for who I am. To love, care and protect me and in return I will love, support and be that strong woman behind every successful man. Promise.